The full-text query parameter for fulltext query string is not valid

I started receiving the error the full-text query parameter for fulltext query string is not valid after upgrading to .NET 4 when calling a function in SQL Server 2008 from Linq to SQL.   It seems LTS is sending the string as nvarchar(4000) event though I had defined the paramater to the function with a length of nvarchar(200).

The work around that I put in place as we define the parameter to my function as 4000.  Not ideal, but it resolved the error.

NoClassDefFoundError Could not find the main class

A common question that programmers new to Java have is what is the relationship between packages, javac, java, and the NoClassDefFoundError.

It is important to understand that there is a relationship between the package and physical directory structure.  For example, if you have a class "MyClass" and it is in a package com.myapp, you would want the following file structure

   |--classes would have package com.myapp; at the top of the file.  Then from the source directory, you could issue the following to compile and place the class file in MyProject/classes/com/myapp/MyClass.class

javac -d ../classes

The result would be that the compiler would create the directories under /classes (note classes needs to exist).  Now, to run MyClass, issue the following from the classes directory:

java com.myapp.MyClass

It is important to realize that when compiling and running that the package name, fully qualified class name, and location you issue javac and java from are all important.