TableDiff tool for SQL Server

One of the nice tools that is provided with SQL Server 2005 is the TableDiff.exe table comparison tool.  It allows you to compare the data in the same table on different servers or instances.  Below is an expample that compares the data in "table1" and places the results in the table "Table1DifferencesServer1Server2".  This command needs to be run from the command line, in the directory where tablediff.exe is located.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\COM> tablediff -sourceserver "server1" -sourcedatabase "database1" -sourcetable "table1" -destinationserver "server2" -destinationdatabase "database1" -destinationtable "table1" -et Table1DifferencesServer1Server2

 More info can be found on BOL

Visual Studio 2008 no syntax highlighting for XML and config files

I had been running a beta of Visual Studio 2008 and when I uninstalled the beta and installed the RTM version, I found that I had no syntax highlighting or intellisense when editing config files (web.config, app.config, etc.)  When I tried to change the properties in the IDE, I received An error occurred loading this property page from the tools -> options menu.

 To fix the issue I ran the below command from the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt:

 devenv /setup